Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I know if my pool is leaking?

A. Here are some symptoms of a leaking pool;

  • If your pool is losing 2 or more inches weekly.
  • If you have to add more chemicals than usual.

Q. What happens if I don't fix my leak right away?

A. Here are some costs associated with a leaking pool;

  • Increased water bill.
  • Extra chemicals to keep your water balanced can be costly.
  • Unbalanced chemicals can break down the finish of your pools shell.
  • Leaking pipes underground can undermine the structural integrity of your pool and result in a costly repair.

Q. What causes a pool to leak?

A. Sometimes pools leak directly through the shell, but most leaks are found in the fittings, or the equipment.  Ground shifting and tree roots, can cause leaks in the underground plumbing.  Normal wear and tear can cause leaks in the pool equipment.  Some parts just wear out.  90% of pool leaks are minor and can be patched using underwater epoxies or sealants.

Q.  Do you have to drain my pool to fix the leak?

A.  No, in fact, it is necessary for the pool to be full for the leak test.  We actually detect the leak by listening for it.  If the leak is located inside your pool, we will repair the leak using underwater epoxies and sealants that cure underwater.

Q.  What if my pool is dirty, will you be able to find the leak?

A.  No, we cannot do the test unless the water is clean and clear.  We have to be able to visually inspect the shell.

Q.  My pump is leaking, but it is only a trickle, could this be the cause of the water loss?

A.  You would be surprised how much water loss can result from a minor equipment leak.  You should have the leak repaired and monitor your pool for 24 hours before you schedule a leak test?

Q.  My pool is losing water, but I don't see any water, where does it go?

A.  You will seldom see water from a leak unless the leak is located in your equipment area.  The water form most leaks will flow right back down to the water table.

Q.  How much water loss does a pool leak cause?

A.  Under the pressure of 20psi, a 1/16 inch hole - roughly the size of a pin head, will lose nearly 500 gallons every 24 hours. 

Q.  How much evaporation is normal?

A.  Normal evaporation can be as little as 1/8" daily.  Water features, such as Water Falls and Fountains increase evaporation, so does direct sunlight.  The amount of normal evaporation also varies according to seasonal conditions.  Evaporation levels are higher when there is less humidity in the air.

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